Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Remember Spartacus Season 2 to Support Our Daily Games

Though we keep moving forward there are some time that you need to look back and see how your path went on. Upon looking back I found out that I made a blog dedicated for the season 2 of Spartacus. It's been a while how I venture TV series and now getting to put up everything in gaming schemes. Actually the story goes like this, before getting my own way on TV series and movies I started everything in video games, I was a gamer while practicing blogging and at the same time I love them both. Now I'm really happy seeing self still on my blog for a good games I play after years and years. 

There are lots of games came and more of them I played and I enjoy while giving everyone a perfect time to share some of my guides and tips. And now that I'm playing Plants vs Zombies Adventures on Facebook, it is more fun and I discover what I love the most. From here I remember also my childhood writing guides for my friends in my little notebook and now I never thought that I will do this in the future and now in my career I was nailed here, writing for my readers and collect them and put on If you have time to spend or want to see if how gaming and blogging unite, you can discover that in my blog.

Now how TV series and Spartacus Season 2 got my attention? This is my explanation, if you are a gamer you are lack of masculine activities such as playing outdoor sports and most of the time you spend this masculine thoughts of you in playing computer games. But aside that did you know that you can also release your thoughts being a man on watching action movies and that is how this bloody and action packed TV series came into my life. So instead of only watching online, I also include this in my blog. The truth is, it is much easier for you to tell to everyone what you like and your interest. I love blogging and I love also watching Spartacus so to unite them and use as part of my career advantage I created this blog.

But not I don't want to go back in this genre anymore, I love Facebook games cheats, and sharing free items and on my next month I will be very busy from the release of Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time. If you still love to witness my legacy you check my official website or subscribe to us. Thank you very much for support what I left and what I want to take in the future.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Watch Spartacus Season 2 Episode 2 Online | A Place In This World

Everyone has their right to live in this world the only thing you need to do is to find your place, this time the entire Spartacus Group will go beyond their limit as they are still going to their place for Vengeance. In episode 2 they are searching for the place in this world and after that they need to fight for it as they are searching for a millions of sands in the sky. Well anyway with that ambition that will be easy to go on the flow. We will see that as we will watch Spartacus Vengeance Episode 2 online as they are strong and eager to find for their glory even they need to risk their life. Because right now they don't have yet the place in this world they are still searching for it, venturing and fighting till the end.

As the first story goes on I can call it a major success because there are lots of people watch it even the full episode is still so far away from their monitor but then they are nonstop looking for the full episode luckily we found a link and share it immediately. Now on the upcoming episode 2 you can assure that again you can watch the full episodes of Spartacus Vengeance or so call the season 2 for the witness of this great premier episode. People are now on madness looking through the continuation. What I really notice on this series is that why they are showing explicit scene I hope they can remove it so I can recommend the series on my friend who has minor age. But anyway the entire production is great as what we got serve so I hope we can fix it until episode 10 of Spartacus Season 2. It will be a huge success if they will continue what they expected to be see.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watch Spartacus Season 2 Episode 1 Online | Fugitivus

This is the first episode of 10 prestigious installment of Spartacus Vengeance. The episode is scheduled to release on January 27, 2012 as part of their early year dominating the TV series using this kind season. I know that you also wait for this time to come for such a long time as I believe that people from different country started to do their part searching from numerous site like Youtube and harvesting all the news even from the cast and outside the camera. That is good, this is a great site that they will surely watch Spartacus and definitely support Starz as they also said that this is the best that they ever had. Knowing this series is the originally from Starz there is a big factors that they will take it as big deal in terms of promotion and production. They also confirmed that even there are lots of changes from the cast, they improve the series more than we can ever imagine, it will be our best options to continue reaching out the button for more show to come.

In Episode 1: Fugitivus, this is about escaping in the house of Batiatus and leading their way to the main kingdom.  Arm with hate, revenge will push them to take control of the law. There will be no more respect as they break out the city and showing to them that once again they are wrong. Gladiator is not about entertainment but the best of it is to know how courage can easily attached on you. So the first set will be on scene see that Spartacus is leading people for a vengeance killing their enemy and empowered by their desire to make a revenge. I this article is not enough for the premier episode of Spartacus so you better circle the date on your calendar and get back here to watch Spartacus Season 2 Episode 1 online. Don't you worry I will guide you and join your discussion while we are waiting on the same train to board.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Is The Real Season 2

There are lots of people even fanatic viewers of Spartacus missed the real season 2 because of chronological arrangement of this series from Starz. I will make it simple so that we have lots of time to Watch Spartacus Vengeance Online as this will be the most exciting sequel on the series. First I will be the one who hold the microphone and later on if you have lots of questions you can put it down on my blog just make sure that will be a good question and not only to promote your site like what a typical commentator do.

spartacus megavideo

So it is fix the very first season of Spartacus is Blood and Sand premiered last January 22, 2010 as this was inspired by historical figure of Spartacus. A very good performance of Andy Whitfield standout on all episodes of season 1. With the backbone of Steven DeKnight and Robert Tapert as the executive producers this premier season of Spartacus made a great success for everyone.

Here now the confusions, the release of Gods of The Arena, this is only a prequel of the first season and not totally the season 2 of Spartacus. The second season revolves in the story of Ganicus as a legendary gladiator in his time. I've seen more explicit content bloody on the ring and also in bed, you know what I mean but all in all this is big success again. They created the prequel because of the delay in the part of Whitfield as he was diagnosed with early-stage of lymphoma. The result, Gods of the Arena release and earned tons of appreciation to be listed on TV series alike.

And now here we are, the release of Spartacus Season 2 entitled Vengeance. We can start to watch it on January 27, 2012 to continue the journey of blood and still the explicit content on the series. Recently I check MEGAVIDEO to watch almost all episodes of Spartacus just to make a collection and I can't wait for the release of the real season 2. I hope now with my explanation you already understand that the season "Vengeance" is the real season 2 of Spartacus and I hope next year together we can watch this online with MEGAVIDEO for those who don't have opportunity to catch it on Starz or shall we say the unfortunate viewers from non US country. Anyway thanks for MEGAVIDEO  we can still see another moment of fight, and another scene of hot match in bed.